PowerWire 500 Ton Wireline Lift Frame

PowerWire 500 Ton Wireline Lift Frame

This patent-pending PowerWire 500 ton wireline lift frame by Superior Performance Inc. is DNV and ABS approved and has been dropped-objects tested and certified to ensure safety. 

The lift frame features attached safety pins and a basket that encases smaller parts and other moveable objects to prevent items from falling to the rig floor from high above.

PowerWire can easily and quickly lift 10,000 pounds or more and is electric line and slick line compatible. Offering greater control over speed than a coiled tubing lift frame, this heavy-weight rig tool can be used in completions/recompletions, workovers and production jobs and for maintenance and servicing efforts.

PowerWire was designed to save time by shaving minutes and seconds throughout the lifting process; save time by using the e-frame for E-line and slick line operations; and increase safety. It is also easily transported, switching from lift mode to transport mode quickly.


  • Ready for ultra deepwater subsea work
  • DNV and ABS approved 
  • Dropped-objects tested and certified
  • Easily and quickly lifts 10,000 pounds or more
  • Electric line and slick line compatible
  • The option to have 2 e-frames
  • Easily transported
  • Class 1 Division 1 and D.V.2 compliant





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