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Elevator Bails
Elevator bails used to support the elevators and attach them come in specialized shipping racks and certified slings are supplied. Superior Performance carries 350 ton (Big Eye) elevator bails in 9 foot, 16 foot, 18 foot and 22 foot lengths. In 500 ton bails, 6 foot to 60 foot lengths are available.

350 Ton6 Ft.
 9 Ft. Standard Eye
 16 Ft. "Big Eye"
 18 Ft. "Big Eye"
 22 Ft. "Big Eye"
 Bail Extensions
500 Tons6 Ft.

9 Ft.

12 Ft.

16 Ft.

18 Ft.

22 Ft.

30 Ft.

40 Ft.

55 Ft.

60 Ft.
 Bail Extensions
750 Ton8 Ft.



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