Casing ID Caliper Services
Bump-a-PlugSuperior Performance Inc.'s Bump-a-Plug Casing ID Caliper takes the worry out of the cementing process with its speed and accuracy. This tool can help alleviate the issues of accurate bumping of the cementing plugs by providing quick, accurate measurement of casing string IDs. Once the data is collected, and an average ID is established, Drilling and Cementing Engineers can quickly recalculate their casing string cementing displacement values.

The Bump-a-Plug system features a self-centering, three-point measurement head, operated using a hand-held pistol-style grip and trigger. The system provides accurate measurement within 0.00005 inch and stores this measurement digitally.

Calibration rings are provided to guarantee the system's calibration is accurate quickly and frequently. Sizes range from 7-inch to 16-inch casing options.

Bump-a-Plug services may be packaged with laser tally, thread inspection and repair services to get total tubular coverage.

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